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  1. Hello again Wendy, Sad news ... Bunnings had none of those cute little curtain rings this time, not even the black ones I got last time. However I will keep looking and keep you informed.
  2. Have the close-ups for you Wendy, but can't work out how to send them to you direct on here. Maybe if you'd like to PM me your e-mail address I can do it that way. Or I can post them on open forum or through my albums.
  3. Hi Wendy, So sorry I missed your request for a photo of my curtain rail/design wall set up. Certainly didn't mean to ignore you - must have been off with the fairies. I will take a piccie for you today. We bought the rod and fixtures at Bunnings and also the curtain rings with the dear little bulldog clips. It works a treat.
  4. Thanks Mary, would you be able to send me a close up pic of your curtain rail and clips. I like the idea very much, but just trying to figure of what i'd need.. thanks Wendy
  5. Hello Wendy. Thanks for the nice comment on my quilts. The design wall is simply a piece of batting on a curtain rail. The curtain rings have tiny little bulldog clips and when I'm finished using it as a design wall, back goes the quilt that usually hangs there.
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