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  1. Well, The book only gives a single block and shows it as shaded areas of a grid...like if I were designing a block on graph paper. I would have to enlarge it and then I'd be on my own to put it together. There are no instructions. I don't think it will be terribly hard, but I just need to think about the easiest way to to sew all the pieces together. That's okay...I love a challenge.
  2. Bec, that is great! Does it look like it would be hard to make?
  3. Yay! Mimi, I found "Trees in the Park!" I have a book called The New Quilting and Patchwork Dictionary that I bought back in the 80's and I found it in there! I love that quilt so I've put it on my list of quilts to make. Thanks for sharing your Mom's quilts with us. Hugs.
  4. Bec...thank you for the comments about my mother's quilts. She loved making them and giving them to family and friends. I think she may have sold 1 of her many quilts, the rest were gifts. I hope you can find the patterns that you like. Mom was really good at looking at pictures of quilts in magazines and figuring out how to make it. The Eagle quilt that she made for me I found in a magazine and said how much I loved it...she made it for me. I have some of that talent of looking at a quilt and figuring it out. I wish she were still here to share my love for quilting now...but I know she is watching me and I have a picture of her in front of my sewing area and I talk to her. Crazy I know!
  5. Thanks Bec. I was toying with the idea of an applique of some sort, but this quilt actually belongs to Amanda's husband and was made for him by his grandmother before she died. He was really upset about this. So I just tried to match it the best I could. I hope he can feel better about this precious quilt.
  6. I am not a professional...just like taking pictures of wildflower, insects, any thing nature related. It was good to chat with you this evening.
  7. I used to have my own business and shot weddings, but I gave that up about 9 years ago. Now I just enjoy taking pics of my grandkids and family. I also shoot a lot of photos when out on our boat.
  8. Hi Mimi... I live south of you. What kind of photography do you do? You are right about this site being addictive. I'm on here waaay too much.
  9. Hi Bec...so where in Indiana are you???? My husband I live south of Bloomington. I love photography too! Hope to see you on here often! It is addicting, for sure!
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