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  1. I have some more to add to my album but have a hard time downloading because I have to resize and then I get doing something else... Someday
    This too was my first well really my only forum I am in. This one is great. I don't twitter or chirp and rarely facebook. Look forward to talking to you more. PS I used to live in Ottawa in the mid 80's and my family on my dad's side homesteaded the Ottawa valley back in 1886.
  2. oh by the way....i just looked at your album and your quilts are beautiful!
  3. hehe Sally, just got your msg. Thanks so much!
    I am still trying to figure out how to use this forum. This is my first forum ever! Kinda confusing
    Ok, I am going to try and add you as a friend.
    Too bad I missed the Cdn block swap....maybe next time?!
  5. Going thru stuff and realized I hadn't asked you to be a firend. We Canadians are such a modest lot...lol
    Shauna from BC
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