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  1. Thank you for the nice comments on the Easter egg. Love trying these types of designs even though they are really time consuming!
  2. Hi, Cathy. I finished my Quilts banner and finally got some ribbon today. I tried to send a picture with this message but will have to post it to the Machine Embroidery Group Photo. Thanks for sending me in the right direction. I love it! Sharon
  3. Glad you're all set to sew! Be sure to post a picture of yours. I'm now in the process of making one for me.
  4. Hi, Cathy. Thank you for the tip about the double stabilizer. I'll do that. My file I downloaded was zipped and I could not get it to unzip, so I wrote to Kate at Big Dreams. She was nice enough to send me the instructions via email so I'll start mine tomorrow. Can't wait. I'm not done with my two quilts yet, but don't want to wait for them to be done. I bet I have mine hanging in my room tomorrow. They also have one with embroidery thread spools. I'll do one of those, too. Thanks for info and encouragement. Sharon
  5. PS, forgot to say I used a double layer of cutaway stabilizer in my hoop so it has enough weight to hang well.
  6. Sharon, you should have gotten a PDF file with the download, check your files.
  7. Sharon, check my visitor message page, duh, I put your response there by mistake!
  8. Hi, Cathy. I was just playing with the ITH project. So cute. I did not receive any instruction with my download that I can find, and think I can figure most of it out. I'm a little confused about when to add the backing piece to back of hoop, and also whether to put any batting on the front before I start adding my fabric appliques. Did you use batting? And is it best to put the backing piece on after the letter is embroidered? I think that's what might be intended. Thanks for any suggestion you have. Sharon
  9. Sharon, glad you got it! Be sure to post pictures of yours. I see more banners in my future they have such cute ones.
  10. Thank you for the nice comment! It is an individual design by bigdreamsembroidery.com
    They have some really cute banner designs and inexpensive. This design was $4.95 and included 4,5,6,&7" sizes.
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