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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. I'm glad your daughter was wearing her seat belt and that was her only injury! I drilled into my kids heads to put their seat belt on before they start the car. I can believe that about the 18 wheeler! I drive with them on 380 all the time and they drive too fast and reckless.

    Sorry about your job too. Yes I think you've had your fair share of bad luck! Sheesh! Well relax and enjoy quilting.

    It's still moving along around here. Just slower some days than others. Oh, you meant Denton right, not me? Yeah it's still moving along too.

    Hang in there woman and visit us on this here new fancy board sometime!
  2. LMBO! Well choke then! SROFLMBO!!! Been going through a LOT just taking it easy now, but here's a run down for February *rolling eyes* Lost my job on the 7th, my Mother passed on the 11th, her funeral was the 17th, my daughter was in an accident on Hwy 82 on her way home from school, totalled her car but luckily she only received a bruise from her neck and across her clavical from the seat belt. An 18 wheeler changed lanes right on top of her literally! The door was crushed and someone had to pry it open from the outside, luckily, like I said, she's okay ... I'm getting to do more quilting and hoping to finish up a bunch of them that have been sitting here since last year lol! Anyways, I'm good now and feeling WAY better, here's to that being all of my bad luck for the rest of my life! ****! LOL!

    What's going on in YOUR world? Denton still haning on? LOL!

    Dang! Loving the new look of the board! NICE!
  3. Hey woman! What's going on? We haven't seen you around lately and miss your sweet (woot I choked there for a minute LOL) self. Hope things are going well for you!
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