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  1. Hi Bridgette - got and love the stars BUT they are not made to the directions of 2 colorway block SETS. they are very beautiful though and i am sure everyone will love them. ya didnt send yer scrap triangles bummer ....... Also no return envelope or postage what ever shall i do with you!?!?! lol
  2. hi hi hi how are your stars?? lookin forward to swappin em YAY!!!
  3. hi jump in the group and post a couple pictures of your stars love to see how you are progressing with them Did you find some great fabrics? ask around.... ladies always have something stashed they can share.... Let me know if you need anything - i posted my mailing address for nov 1st...... hugs! suzi
  4. been quiet - you ok??
  5. glad you are joining the christmas star swap they are really easy after you put together the first one or two - or three (LOL) just keep the colorways in mind and make them in sets. thats what i did but then i made mine from all different fabric choices from my stash. very fun let me know if you need anything
  6. hi bridgette - got the $5
  7. Great!
    but its not MY $5..... its is for the postage to mail your swapped blocks back to you.
    so really its is the mailmans $5.........
  8. Hey Suzi! I am SO excited now about the block swap lol! I wanted to let you know that I got your $5 out to you in yesterday's mail, hope it gets there soon! Thank you so much for coordinating this for us, I have REALLY had a good time and most especially b/c my blocks came from all OVER the place, WOW!
  9. OH! Thank gawad it's not ME! LOL! Yah, it she's mailing them from England and they aren't going out til Monday, it'll be next week, woo hoo! But, how exciting, blocks from England!!!!! *happy dancing*
  10. no worries - most of the other ladies blocks are not here as of yet to swap out. It is honestly jrchapman that i think we will be holding for because she is in England and as far as i know her blocks have not yet been mailed........ but they will get here and we will get everyone swapped ! Looking forward to all the finished works of art to follow!
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