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  1. Hi past Moose Member!! You would have been a "Home Chapter" member back then. They don't do that anymore, so many things have changed in the Moose, and folks just aren't as friendly and helpful as before. I still go down once in a great while to see a couple of old friends now and then. Thanks and take care Jan G.
  2. Hi, I saw in your post that you were a Moose member. I was a Moose member for quite a long time back in Indiana, I also worked as a waitress, cook and a bartender over the years. Once I moved to NY state and married my 2nd husband, he did not like the Moose's policy toward women members not being equal and refused to join and my membership slipped. After I became a widow and moved back to Indiana I was able to rejoin my old lodge as a special member (forget what it was called). But the lodge had changed so much it was no longer fun. My DH now and I do not go out much at all.
    I do enjoy my memories of the Moose Lodge. My parents were both members and I grew up going to the Moose.

    Have a great day.
  3. Jan, Thank you for the comment on TarButt in her "Daddy's" hat. She is such a ham, and loves all the attention she can get.
    We like moose things also. But then we like most things like, bear, deer, elk and moose. I am not sure where we bought it, we have had it for quite a few years. We may have bought it at Cabella's or Gander Mountain. But then we were traveling a lot so we could have got it anywhere.

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