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  1. Yes, since Atlanta I've been having migraines 5+ a week. Can't break the cycle, even with morphine shots. Been in bed with high doses of percocet for the last 5 days, all it's doing is making me hug the porcelain t. Dropping weight, that's about it.

    Last thing I sewed was the top and back for Lily's quilt, I need to quilt it but I can't sit up without getting sick. Hoping this passes soon.

    Sorry to miss out on this quilt making.

    Huggers, Ruby
  2. Hi Ruby, you said you were not going to be able to send a block for the Quilt of Valor, correct? Can't find the msg and just wanting to make sure I have all the blocks that were sent in. Mahalo, vriendin!
  3. Thanks so much Megan! Being an Oma is such a joy! You'll love being one too when your Grandson arrives.

    Huggers, Ruby
  4. Congratulations on your new grandaughter, Penny!!!
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