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  1. Jan...I emailed you but no answer...is everything okay? Miss ya

    Hugs Shauna
  2. Not to worry...Emily needs your attention right now that's for sure. My prayers go out to her, her family and you!
  3. I don't think so. With Emily so sick I might be needed to take care of her sisters while the kids make mad dashes to the hospital. It's getting pretty bad for her. I don't want to commit myself and then back out. Sorry!
  4. JAN are you going tojoin the new block swap? Sure hope so. I treasure your friendship and would love a block from you!
  5. Hey there haven't been around for a while. Lots of travelling for work and pleasure. Staying late tonight ugggh. Not a good week. Hurt my back ( you know what THAT is like) it is on the mend though and then I had surgery on my tongue and now talk funny. It will be better too just has to heel. Meanwhile I sound like I have a sucker in my mouth. Just stopped in to say hi!

    Hugs Shauna
  6. Are you doing the new block exchange? I am going to pass on this one. Too many unfinsihed projects plus I am not that into animal prints.
  7. Good morning! Do you know who dropped out of the block exchange? It got me to thinking. Dangonfly...Lynn, in Australia I believe has not recieved her Christmas blocks yet. Hadn't on FEb.13. I havjust asked her to be sure. Lost in the mail.
    I was wondering maybe Suzi can send the extra blocks to her to make up for not getting the Christmas blocks. What do you think?
  8. I was so happy to get them done today. That's a good idea, to play with the blocks for a few minutes before sending them out. I think I'll do the same but right now I'm going to go rest. My back is achey from sewing and pressing the blocks! So happy yours are done too! Go Sally! I'll be signing them tonight and tomorrow and then shipping them out. Love you, Jan
  9. Yeah Jan! I played with mine before iI sent them and they are going to make a beautiful quilt. I am going to have to make 15 more to have enough for a queen quilt.
  10. I missed your birthday... Belated wishes my friend...isn't it great being 35. I know I enjoy it and will next year and the year after...
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