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  1. I'm sorry Wendy. Please do take care of yourself. Seek professional guidance to help you get through this. I, too, have problems with depression, and for the most-part it is kept in check with medication...but when I was first diagnosed, I was under the treatment of a psychiatrist for about 5 years...it is possible to overcome it. As for splitting of a relationship, in my case it was my decision, so I cannot relate to how you feel in that respect. However, had I not gotten divorced, I would have never met Carl, and he is the love of my life. So there is good to see...you just have to allow yourself to see it. Hang in there...please know you are in my thoughts and I hope that however things work out, you will again be happy.
  2. Hi Pat, thanks so much for your message. Today started out okay but ended kind of rough. Scott,thats my sig. other had to go to his dads ro help clear away some ice and snow that were causing issues. And he said he wanted to talk to his dad. Then made mention a few times via email about how he wasnt sure what the future held. I started to get angry because i feel like he is not committed to making things work and is just leaving me hanging. I told him that maybe we needed to separate for a bit but that means telling Liam and neither of us are willing to do that just yet. So now I am just sad that it has all come to this. And I am getting more and more concerned about my ability to cope. I am trying to stay as positive as I can but not having him here even one night is hard. Anyway....it is difficult for me to talk right now without crying and Liam is buzzing around so I should probably stop. Thanks for checking in. You are very kind. Wend
  3. Hi Wendy,
    Just wondering how you are doing...I've had you on my mind lately. I realize you are going thru a rough time...hang in there. And if you need to chat, I am a willing shoulder to lean on.
    Pat Calaski
  4. "Hi...I came across this pic while browsing about two weeks before Christmas and I canNOT stop thinking/obsessing about it! I MUST make this! Can you share with me the pattern? Or tell me where I might purchase it? Also what fabrics did you use? I would be so grateful if you wouldn't mind sharing!! It's absolutely gorgeous!! " Hi Wendy...so sorry about taking so long to answer your request...I have started back to school again to get my bachelor's degree and haven't been on here since...I don't remember! Anyway, thank you for the compliment regarding my purple quilt. I have to admit it is one of the prettiest I've made. The pattern is a Lone Star and the outside border is pinwheel. I bought a book at JoAnn's that had the Lone Star pattern in it. It really is pretty easy to make. The materials I used are batiks. Feel free to copy the design.
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