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  1. Thanks GB for the nice compliment on my daughter's dress!
  2. Didn't see the dog bed comment at first! I didn't make the bed, it's a Perla bed! Since it has that odd shape there are very limited (and mostly expensive) covers available for it. The bed is just a plastic shell, it doesn't come with any coverings at all.
  3. Thanks GB! It's still not quilted, I need some more experience with FMQ before I quilt this one. I spent too much time on it, I don't want to ruin it!
  4. THANK YOU... you've made my day.... it's one thing i love to do... bring a smile or a chuckle... to someone's face... hugs B
  5. You have made me smile so many times today! And we do seem to share the same quilting philosophy.
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