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  1. Sue, don't know if I did the private message correctly so I'm also posting it here. I use this site to resize all my pictures, it's a free site.
  2. I've been quilting for years and my seam ripper is some days my best friend while I'm working on a project! It's funny you sent me this message because I was in Joanne's 2 weeks ago shopping and picked up another one for a "just in case backup".
  3. I thought of you today, as I was trolling the aisles of JoAnns with my 25% off total purchase coupon.
    Got to the notions space, and had me a little chuckle about our initial encounter...
    Can never have enough seam rippers or 'snippy' scissors, I figure (you know, when you have the rotary blade dullness thing going on...).
    While sewing, they're never in the exact location you need them in, and I can't imagine being without a few, let alone one.
    (I'm a newbie and working towards never needing a ripper. Yea, right...)
    Glad you found it, chica! I would have sent you one in a N.Y. minute....
  4. Hi! Was just checking the SS group and saw your offer of the seam ripper, thank you very much for your kind offer. As it turns out upon finally cleaning up my sewing room I found my seam ripper and a few other missing objects that I couldn't image where they went off to.
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