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  1. Thanks for the compliment on my hexagon quilt. The fabrics were just a wide variety of Civil War reproduction prints.
  2. Thanks, Cathy for the compliment on the sailboat quilt. I copied off of RiverMomm's quilt. I just did different quilting. She has other great jellyroll quilts with appliques in her album. They are inspiring.
  3. Thank for your kind words about my "finished quilts" album. Hugs.
  4. Thanks for the nice comment on my quilt!
  5. Great! Thanks Cathy! I'll check our local Joann's and see if they have them. It will be so nice to have my thread organized!
  6. Sew Essentials Mini Thread Cone Organizer

    # 7697451 on sale $8.99 On line JoAnn's

    reg. 14.99

    sale 8.99

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  7. Wanted to let you know I went to JoAnn's today and they had more of the clear plastic thread boxes for the mini cones, what a pleasant surprise! The label says Organizing Essentials- Mini thread cone organizer. It holds 30 cones, dimentions are 11.5"x10"x3"
  8. My JoAnn's seems to be out of stock all the time . No I don't remember the brand unfortunately. I've tried to do a google search and can't find the same ones.
  9. Don't fret. It could just be the store in my area. I've not been real impressed with it. Do you know what brand yours is?
  10. Oh how I wish I would have bought more now. Thanks for the info, I hope their new line has something similiar.
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