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  1. I've sent you an email, hope you get it and it does not end up in your trash because your computer does not know my email address....

  2. Hi Auntiemern,

    Thanks for looking into the pattern I was looking for!
    I made a quilt top with the boy fabric from the pattern that other lady told me, horizontal strips, very pretty! I will post pictures when done
    After I've cut the binding and backing I had enough left over to make "your" pattern!
    I used 2 fabrics, put them in a checkerboard pattern like yours in your album, made the blocks 6" unfinished.
    It is becoming very cute!!!!
    Now to the question......
    How do you get those lines so perfect????
    I was thinking using that same style, otherwise it will be just around the blocks, I am a straight line quilter.....

    If you can help me out I would be very happy!!

  3. Your mailbox is full!
    I wanted to sent you a PM but no way it would go through.......

    Make it a visitor message.
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