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  1. Hi Bec! Thanks again for your positive comments about my projects! Much appreciated!!
  2. Hi Bec - I'm glad you like my Max & Whiskers quilt! The pieced portion of the border was a last minute decision because I mis-cut one of the blocks. Since this is made from a layer cake, you are supposed to end up with 42 blocks, so I was just going to set them in a 6x7 arrangement with a plain border. But, I messed up the cutting on the last block and only had 41 to work with, so I quickly adjusted my plan, went with a 5x7 set and cut up the remaining blocks to make a pieced border to supplement the plain border. The plain fabric border would have been better as a solid color fabric, but who knew i was going to mess up the cutting!?
  3. Hi Bec, my Lollipop quilt was about 40" square. I'm glad you like it! I just love this fabric line.
  4. Hi Jane! I was wondering how big your lollipop quilt was (in inches)? It is a beauty.
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