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  1. We all have different ways of figuring things out and explaining things. My father-in-law can build a house from beginning to end, but don't get him to explain how he's about to do anything or else you'll both leave frustrated. That's why the mother-in-law doesn't ask anymore, just nods and says "Okay honey, let me know when you're finished!" lol Opposites don't necessarily attract, but they certainly seem to work together pretty well

    And I have to add, I can't wait to retire and be "livin' lazy", but that's a few years away yet... Unless I can win the lottery A girl's gotta dream.... At least I got out of the city and moved to the "country". I can still throw rocks at the city, but at least I have trees in my front yard! lol
  2. That is so funny... but makes me feel good... so many things, make sense to me in a different way!!! My DH goes nuts when i try to explain something... for me it's one, for him it's the opposite... i'm pretty sure it's why we've made it from 1963 to present date!! LOL
    Retired and livin' lazy in a community in MA... thanks for getting back to me... i'll be watching for your posts!!!! have a great weekend...hugs B
  3. I will most certainly let you know if my "theory" works when I get my ruler I placed my order a few nights ago so it'll take a couple of weeks to arrive, but if I can get it to work (or even if I don't!) I'll certainly let you know!

    And when it comes to math I can take a circle, square, or triangle and divide it up a million different ways, but give me a few numbers to multiply and I'm hauling out a calculator lol My husband tells me that calculus and advanced math ruined me because I can twist and turn equations and solve for variables and play with angles but I don't know my times tables lol I have to ask him all the time, "8 times 6 is 48, right?"
  4. Hi there,,,, i was just wondering if you've played with your idea for the Wedding Ring...I commend you for your thinking.... I "hate" and cannot comprehend MATH... and envy those that do... My DH is a precision machinist... so he helps me with anythng i try to create "without the tools"...LOL
    Pricing on this stuff is crazy ... i was , i think the origianl post about the Simply Quilts video for this... i watched it "back in the day" and loved it from the start... so i'm curious to see how your idea works... Please keep us posted... thanks....
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