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  1. I most certainly will let you know! I'll probably pick up some this weekend or early next week when I'm at Wally World again
  2. I love the Bounce spray! It is relatively inexpensive less than $3.00 for a bottle. Worth the price for me! I don't like the traditional starch because it gets flaky and scorches. I iron a dress shirt for my other half and use the Bounce spray. Or the Mary Ellen's spray just to get it used up! It is really important to let whatever product you are using soak into the fibers before ironing or pressing. Otherwise you are just ironing off the product. If you try the Bounce spray let me know how it works for you!
  3. Thanks for the starch tip! I had actually seen Bounce spray on my last trip to Walmart and stood in the aisle staring at it like a fool because the name rang a bell but I couldn't remember if I had read that it was good or bad lol I'll be sure to pick some up next time

    When I used the "Easy On" starch on my dresden, I ironed the tip of the dresden flat from the back and sprayed it with starch but it started to foam and bubble and actually raised the tip so it was no longer laying flat and in a panic to keep it from shifting I smacked the iron down on it and it stuck! Ever tried to peel a small strip of fabric from a hot iron with your bare fingers? lol
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