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  1. hi jan... i feel so blessed... getting those blocks off.... wow what a tingle...
  2. Hi love, did you enjoy your Christmas? I hope so. I wanted to be in the swap for feb. but had to cancel because I didn't have money for fabric. But lo and behold Santa bought me a gift cert for Joann Fabrics and now I don't have to drop out. So YAY!!!! What did Santa bring you? I missed you on the forum. Well merry Christmas and I hope you new year is better. Love, Jan
  3. hi jan i know so funny... i guess we needed to friend each other after all.
  4. You're not on my friend list.
  5. hey back.
    you on here too.
  6. hi ya jan, how was the meuseum? Gina
  7. Hey Gina, How are you? Did you have a nice time camping?
  8. Gina, are you ok. Probably just busy but I was worried about you.
  9. hi janluna sorry i am still trying to figure this palce out.
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