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  1. I'm here sorry been preoccupied lately ...Im here now ...How are you ? Are things getting better?
    Jan said you went away from the weekend.
  2. laura where are you.
  3. Hey Gina how are you? I do ...do stained glass and will again once we get all unpacked. Moving from New York to Virginia has been trying to say the least. I love beveled glass the most. I have this thing for ranibows lol.I think you will really enjoy getting back into it and completing the class. Sounds like us girls have alot of interests ....and its so nice
    Hope all is well and Ive been thinking of you also
  4. hi laura,... what is a happening... i just read a post on the forum... you said that you do stained glass as well.... i have taken my first clas only it was before my seven year old was born... i have alll my tools... and i am planning on taking a class... here in town... ill let you know how it goes...
    any way thinking you. see ya later..
  5. There you are...is all well? I havent seen any posting from you?
  6. hi ya laura
  7. Gina I miss seeing your posts...Hope all is OK. I also started a new daily chat and laughs thing and would love for you to join in...
    come play with us ??
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