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  1. Hi Martha,

    Thanks for your address. Glad to help out with your project. We've decided this year to "Soldier Tree" versus Angel Tree in the Mall, that we've done for decades. The troops need the support plus I want to make a quilt for one of Libby's boys. This all fits in nicely with the theme of the Schmer's christmas spirit. lol.

    Huggers, Ruby
  2. Hi Ruby: Thanks for the "New Posts" tab info. I didn't see it this morning before I opened my big mouth and complained. It's just in a different spot than before, and I'm REALLY glad its back!

    Also thanks for being willing to do the military stockings. I really, really appreciate it, and I know those soldiers will too. Here is my address:

    Martha Wilson
    473 Tolend Rd
    Dover NH 03820

    Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks again,

  3. Martha, you're just too kind. I'm much more comfortable behind the camera.
  4. Great shot of you Ruby!
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