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  1. I love my Hera marker. The lines fade a little as you handle the fabric, so for hand quilting you can't mark the whole quilt ahead, just what you're working on. It just dents the fibers, nothing permanent, it's just like raking your thumbnail across the fabric. You could probably use something like the end of a Purple Thang to make swirls, the Hera you can make curves with but since it's a curved edge it doesn't lend itself to drawing motions.

    Hope that helps!
  2. The mini is Glimmer by Jaybird. I haven't gotten past laying out my mini charms, I think the print is called Jingle. I've made one with the Gardenvale print. Her patterns call for yardage, but I got two diamonds out of each 2.5" square and had a few charms left over. The most the me consuming thing was arranging my fabric, because once you sew the diamonds together in sections you sew the wedges together and it's done. I picked the smallest number of matching prints for the center because that only takes 6 charms, then the rest fell into place easily and gave me a coordinated but scrappy look. I'll post pics on Instagram as I go, @stitchwishes.
    Glimmer Quilt | Jaybird Quilts
  3. Was looking at some older posts cuz am thinking about ordering the hera marker and you said you liked it. I am a hand quilter only and am wondering if you can use that w/o a ruler or stencil. Like to freehand swirly swoopy lines? And if you make a mistake or aren't happy with your line, can you just lightly iron out your mark and start over? Thanks for any advice you might have. Hope you don't mind my bothering you!
    Jocelyn (jjkaiser)
  4. Hi, do you have a link to your mini xmas pattern? I would love to make one! If only I could carve out the time to make something just for me for a change!!!
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