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  1. Hi Babs! I do remember! So cool you are gonna make this quilt now. And for your granddoggie . I know the Lorax fabric, think that will look great on this design. Looking very much forward to see it when done!!
  2. Hi Babs, my youngest son is in love with that quilt too! They sure make a great couple together ;-). Thanks!
  3. I tried to mail you the pattern, but on your email adress, I get a message, that my email is blocked as spam. And the link to send you something via this forum also says that "That user has specified that they do not wish to receive emails". so I can't send you something. Maybe you can mail me first at lenie.rood@home.nl and after that I can mail you? We can at least try it that way.
  4. Thank you for liking my serpentine quilt. Of course I want to share the pattern with you. I have it in PDF. For sending it to you I would need your email adress. It was at the Moda Bakeshop over a year ago, but only for a short time and then it was removed again. Luckily i made a copy before that LOL.
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