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  1. Good Evening!
    I am so excited that I rec'd my tumbler template today. Have some family things to take care of this weekend, but sure am looking forward to getting started. Will have to let you know when I do. I also rec'd a message from Al he is working on getting the pictures to post for me. He seemed to think he could fix or do something to make it work. Hope it does by the time I have a top ready to share.

    Take care,
  2. You're so welcome! Yes i do enjoy baking, too! Actually it's also my profession. I'm one of those lucky people that truly enjoys my job!
  3. Good Morning! Thank you for saying hello! I just took a peek at your pictures. I love all the fabrics that you used. I can't wait to try out the tumbler. Do you also enjoy baking? I noticed that someone had posted a recipe yesterday or the day before, sorry can't remember. How much fun is that quilting and recipes. Love them both. Look forward to chatting with you.
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