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  1. hi Pinky - put those b/w fabrics to good use and come play with butterflies in the garden blocks - the swap is going to be fabulous (like the fans) when completed !! hope to see you in the group hug, suzi
  2. I was going through the pictures that were posted of the black and white fan swap. Very nice blocks. I started to save all kinds of black and white fabric back then but didn't I get around to joining the swap. So sorry I didn't get to it. . The quilts turned out so nice!
  3. HI
    missing hearing from you - hope all is well and you are just busy having FUN
    HUGS! Suzi
  4. Hi Suzi,
    Nope no blocks yet. I am sure they are just held up at the border. The dumb Canadian border people are retards! We also live in a tiny community and it takes a bit longer to get mail here. I am going to join the fan block swap yes. I have the ruler and everything, I just need to sit down and play. But today I am dedicating the day to UFO's. Christmas ones that is! Going to try to get all the Christmas projects done for next year! It's anti-procrastination year for me! Take care. Happy New Year!
  5. hi hope youare well and enjoying your favorite things did you get your Star blocks? they are so pretty... hope you did and that you LOVE them!! will you be playing in the FAN Swap? they are so awesome when all pieced togther! i have made up a few of them now and wowweeeeeeee
  6. Hi Wendy - GREAT news! YAY!! yes I would love the triangles please If you can get your hands on $10 american i can buy your postage for you. That is how Sally sends hers. Do you love how they are coming out?? we are all going to have such beautiful new Christmas quilts!! Looking forward to swapping and sewing them HUGS!
  7. Hi Suzi. I have 18 of my blocks done. And the other 18 are all cut out and stacked so I will make the November 1 deadline. I am in a two day class to make the French Braid quilt yestereday and today. I was wondering how much American money to put in to cover the cost of mailing them to you. I know it will be more for you to send them to Canada. I do have some Elvis stamps that are US but I don't know if I have enough and you can't buy US postage here. And did I read that you wanted the little triangles that we cut off or am I dreaming? lol
  8. hi wendy how are your star blocks coming along? please let me know - thanks
  9. Pinky, how is it going with your first star block? any questions??

    sally! that is such a good thing to think about your cat yay!

    hugs! Suzi
  10. hi pinky - did you find the video?
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