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  1. Hope you had a great time camping.
    I know how it is when an inspiration hits you and you make something and then can't remember how you did it. I do that with recipes a lot. LOL
  2. Thanks for the comments.I have been camping for a few days and just now got home. As for the towels they are store bought and the deer are appliqued made out of felt. The clothes pin bag was a spur of the moment thing. No pattern. I had the orange fabric which happened to be scotch guarded and I just made it the width of the clothes hanger.I probably couldn't make another one if I tried.LOL
  3. hope your Christmas was exceptional. I saw one of your stockings in the random photos. It looked camo so I had to check out your albums. I just adore the dog harnesses and would love to make one for each of my dogs. Where can I find a pattern for them?
    Happy New Year.
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