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  1. Simple life and soho girl. I think that was the names. Then 3 solids. Join up on the flickr account and you can see all the different fabrics people used.
  2. Oh boy! Thanks for the QAL link - it's amazing! I'm late, but I'm going to do it. What is the fabric line of her/your blue quilt? Looks like a lot of fun! Thank you!
  3. Thank you!!! It really isn't that hard. Just lots of starch and pinning so the pieces don't stretch out of shape. Here is the link. I can't take credit for the colors. Sassyquilter used this fabric and I fell in love with it. You are an experienced quilter, don't be intimidated. If I can do this then anyone can. It is my 5th quilt top and will be my 3rd completed quilt. I made mine bigger than the directions. I am now wondering why! LOL The row I did today kicked my butt. It wasn't hard but I wasn't paying attention and some of my fabric is directional. I sewed the wrong edge of the triangle. My stripes were sideways. Dive in, it's worth it. This will not be my last.

    Triangle Quilt Along! - The Sassy Quilter
  4. Just saw your triangle quilt pic. Just spectacular! I've never done one but my daughter requested a triangle quilt and I'm so intimidated! Was it difficult? Where do I find the qal or pattern? I love your colours. What a great quilt - you did an amazing job!
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