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  1. My 19 year old son claimed that cat quilt that you like. You just never know who you're making a quilt for! It's in his room over his bed. Yes, he is a big cat lover. We have 5 cats because of him!
  2. Thank you for liking my quilt! I always appreciate it when you look at my albums. Cyndi
  3. I like that quilt very much, too. That one was at a local show last year. I have always wanted to make a quilt using this pattern. If it was me I wouldn't rip out all of those seams! I'd think of another way of using the blocks.
  4. The fried eggs quilt was easy. I just used wonder under and glued them on, then buttonhole stitched them. It is a weird little quilt! The pinwheels were made by a friend but I have not put them together yet. I think it will be a winter project when I need a little color to make the cold days brighter!
  5. Thank you Sasha for the kind words about my crazy Perpetual Motion quilt! I really like it, too.
  6. Hi Sasha, I'm so glad you like my quilt. I'd seen quilts like it at quilt shows but I don't know the name of the pattern. I used 3" finished squares. I just started in the middle and worked my way out until I liked the size. I used mostly fabric from my stash and only had to buy two more fabrics. My daughter Bethany "called it" and it is coming up on my list of quilts to finish this year.
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