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  1. Hi Vicky, I have a full box and a half left so I'm good for awhile. Besides I'm right on the border here so I can pop over when I need it. Thanks for the offer. I'll keep it in mind if I ever get stuck.

  2. Hi Denis,

    I have some color catchers if you are need of any. If you want them, I can ship the box to you or throw a few sheets in an envelope and mail as a letter.

  3. Hi Denis,

    Just wanted to let you know that I got the Hobbs batting from Connecting Treads. The company collected the taxes,etc when I ordered and I didn't have to pay anything extra when it was delivered. Obviously, it is better to order and pick up in the States, but this was pretty painless and easy. Of course, now I have to USE the batting.
  4. It only takes once to be tagged by UPS to advoid using them in Canada. UPS was the company I used most in the States. When we moved up here, I ordered some note card making materials. Very heavy and shipping was a bit much, but at the time I thought it was worth it . . . . until it was delivered and I was hit with all those fees! UPS really overcharges for brokerage fees here.

    Connecting Threads collected the tax plus shipping and it says that no other fees will be required-the package will be processed and delivered to me directly. Let's hope it works.
  5. I will have to look up that quilt shop on my next trip down. I ordered some Hobbs today from Connecting Threads. Shipping to Canada was pretty reasonable, so I had it shipped here. I can't wait to see the difference. Thanks so much for the advice.
  6. Sadly, one of the quilt shops that closed was the one in Pointe-Claire. The owner now works at Fabricville and has been very helpful to me as I learn quilting.

    I have gone to Ogdensburg once, but the bridge was very rough. Not sure if it was under construction or that is the norm so you don't slip on ice? Messena is closer ad its only an hour and a half from me (I live near 40 off island, so you pass close by on your way to the 20 going to Montreal LOL). The place I get packages delivered is a little tiny place but so far they have been pretty good. So, I hit Walmart for my kid's fav foods that we can't buy here and then pick up whatever packages I have ordered from the package recieving place (not ups store . . . but a UPS drop off site). Hubby is Canadian and we moved back to Canada a few years ago. It's been a learning experience for all living in Quebec.
  7. Hi Denis,

    Thanks so much for the information on batting. Do you have any suggestions on quilt shops near Montreal? I live off island toward the west. I only speak English. The two closest shops closed this year. I did a web search and found one in North Montreal but its about 50 minutes from me (not counting getting lost, construction or traffic). Once the protests settle down, I don't mind driving downtown as long as I am ready to get really, totally lost. I can get there but with the construction, I can't get home!

    I am getting ready to order a case of 505 spray from the states and batting too. The prices are so much less expensive that it pays for the gas to drive to Messena, NY.

    Any advice for this newbie would be greatly welcomed!
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