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  1. Polka Dot Party block swap is super quick and easy and will be fabulous when completed! .... hope you will decide to play! hugs, suzi
  2. New Swap is posted 3Dudes for Christmas Join the fun !!
  3. New Block Swap is posted - join today WILD ABOUT QUILT BLOCKS!!!
  4. Hey Suzi! Just a note to let you know my blocks are on the way. I sent a couple extra in case you need them but forgot to send some extra $$ to send Laura's to her. I will send some in a separate envelope to you sometime this week!
    I know you will post when they arrive! Have a good weekend!
  5. Yes, it was a mess here. I normally commute by bus and train but my boyfriend was in the city that day and picked me up. He had to come down Lake Shore Drive were the cars were stuck overnight but he was coming south so was on the opposite side and early enough so he did not get caught. That is actually one block from where I work. I live about 40 miles from downtown Chicago and it took us 4 hours to get home! By the time we made it we were one of the only cars on the expressway and it was a good thing because we could not even see the lanes. I took pics but it does not do it justice at all.
    There is so much snow here it is crazy. They still have not plowed all the streets and my apt complex does not know what to do with all the snow!
    Good news is...we are heading to Florida on Monday. We don't even care how warm it is along as it is above 40!!
    Thanks for your concern and support!
  6. hi patti - i saw some pictures today of the cars stranded on the highway in Chicago! holy cow!! I hope you were not stranded in that mess!! my question is where did the people go? they just got out of thier car and started walking away?? seems like a scene from a bad movie!
  7. whooohooooo check out the new block i have chosen for the new swap!! black and whites with a bright color splash! YAY! the finished blocks are going to be so cool!!! I hope you will decide to play!!!
  8. hi patti i posted an attachment of the Circle Quilt but if it doesnt work for you - let me know and i can email the file... it is .pdf
  9. Hi Suzi! Just wanted to let you know I mailed my blocks yesterday via priority mail,( it was only 48 cents more), and I enclosed a self address large envelope for the return plus $5.00. You do not need to send it priority back, regular post is fine. Please let me know if the $5 did not cover it and I will be happy to forward more "cashola" to you! If it is over, please keep it for your dedication to the swap!
    This was so much fun and brought many of us closer together. Thank you again for hosting this. Can't wait to get my blocks and can't wait to do another one soon!
    Have a great day!
  10. Thank you! I have really enjoyed working on them. Can't wait to see what others have done!
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