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  1. Just finished the tumbler flag quilt. It's in my quilts album!!! Thank you!
  2. I finally figured out what i was doing, took it apart and redid it. Now it is ready to quilt. I will send pics when done. Thanks this is going to be a Xmas present for my daughter's in laws! My daughter told me they are going to love it.
  3. Thanks for the nice comments on my quilts! Sorry I did not answer sooner, just haven't been online much.
    Your question about the Flag Tumbler Quilt, I didn't have any trouble sewing the strips together. I had to make sure I had everything laid out or else I got out of order. I did sew the tumblers together vertically (from top to bottom) and then sewed each verticle strip so there were only straight lines to sew. Hope that is what you meant. Just message me if this doesn't help!
    Good luck!
  4. Beautiful quilts!
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