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  1. I am glad you liked my idea, it is taking longer than I thought (doesn't everything) but is coming along well. Your daughter would love that with the horses. How old is she? The pix on my doll quilt are a little larger than I wanted so I had to modify imy orig plan and instead of photos of them looking out the windows I had to make lift the flap windows with velcro but it looks alright.

    I use my kindle on the forum and stupid me I cannot figure out how to post a picture on here. BUT !! I do know how to email a picture from my kindle but not to the forum visitor page which this is. If you would email me at my regular email address, jjkaiser@wi.rr.com then I will have your email address of where to send pictures. I hope this is making some sense. Sometimes it's just not worth all the trouble of figuring something out if you already know a diff way to accomplish the same thing. Sorry to go on so long here. Hope to hear from you
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