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  1. Bec,
    Each of those blocks went into a separate quilt. The owner made a starter block and mailed it on to the next participant. She then made a block to go with it and sent it on. It took over a year for the quilts to get around the world and back home.
    I still haven't put mine together yet. Sorry. It seems projects for me are never at the top of the Get 'er Done pile. Thanks for stopping to take a look though! Cathy
  2. I just looked at your round the world blocks in your album. They are beautiful. Did you ever put them into a quilt? I'd love to see it if you have.
  3. Thanks for the compliment on my "girlie" baby quilt. My husband and son did think the "boyish" version was more appropriate. lol. When I gave it to my niece and her fiance, I told them how I had made one that was too "girly". When her fiance found out it had hearts quilted in the border, he was glad that I had made another quilt. I guess it's a guy thing.
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