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  1. Cathy--tea wallets are very popular now! I have seen several different kinds depending on what you want to carry. I think a lovely gift is a tea wallet, a mug rug, some yummy teas and a mug! I think quilting and having scraps really does get the creative juices running! I will check out the ones you made! Keep on crafting!
  2. Thanks you for showing your rewards cards holder, you made me think what else could be done along the same lines( great gift & uses up some of those scraps) and I decided a tea caddy for tea bags when I go out would work! I was pleased how it turned out and made some additional ones for my tea drinking friends who also take some of their favorite teas with them too.It's under show & tell if you care to take a look!
  3. Cathy--I use a quality glue stick--not the kind kids use because it does not hold as well...I get it at the office supply store but I think craft stores sell it as well..it is in a purple and yellow stick...I normally zig zag also, but if I do, I like to line the cards so the stitching does not show...I did not have time on these as they were needed quickly and they are not meant to last forever! Have fun!
  4. Loved your greeting cards! Did you glue them down to card stock?
  5. Thanks for the nice comment. Yes, that's a stacked coin pattern. The fabric is a line called "Sassy".
  6. Thank you! Feel free to use any of my ideas!
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