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  1. I just realized something else "JimsQueenie"...if your forum name means that you are the queen (wife) of a guy named Jim...then so am I!! Although I have always called him James - his family and friends call him Jimmy - because his dad is Jim.
  2. What?!!? You are Vicki Lee too?? That is crazy! Did you hear all the time that your name sounds like a country singer? LOL I use to get that a lot, but I guess if you didn't go around telling everyone your middle name they might not have made the connection. Whenever a new teacher would take attendance and say my name for the first time - I'd get the country singer-line. haha

    You are right about the quilters - especially the ones on this forum. They have been nothing but kind and helpful and encouraging of all the newbies. I need to stop worrying and just quilt. I am getting impatient with myself for not having more to show, but I can literally only sew for a couple of hours on Saturday because I'm using my mom's machine at her house. Mine (I have two!) are in storage in another state while we try to sell our house and move (completely) to our new place.

    Anyway - Vicki Lee (ha!) I look forward to seeing you around the forum!
  3. Hi Vicki, How absolutely funny. My real name is "Vicki" too and my middle name is "Lee" as is your last name, spelled the same way. Is that not a coincidence or what? I'm just cracking up. You know what? Quilters are a great bunch of people and if someone doesn't care for your gift at Christmas, they are not worthy of it!! Just relax and go with the flow. I am glad you stepped out of your comfort zone and have taken up the art of quilting. It can be a lot of fun and sometimes frustrating but when you have mastered that block that is such a challenge, you will burst with pride!! I am here to help you in any way I can and I am sure there are others here on the forum that feel the same way. Please keep in touch if you would like to. I would. Piece and blessings, Vicki Lee (get in and clean up your room!!!) LOL
  4. It's really "Vicki" - my mom thought Victoria was too long for my very short last name (Lee) - although it doesn't sound so bad with my married name. LOL. I am looking forward to the Secret Santa swap - but a little nervous too. Being a new quilter and new to the forum - I hope whoever my person is likes what I'm planning. I'm doing a mix of a couple of small items I made - something "quilty" for them to make, and non sewing crafty thing I like to do. Don't want to get too specific in case I get you! LOL Between this and my first "Mug Rug" swap - I'm just a ball of nervous energy.
  5. Dear Vicki, Thank you for contacting me. Is your name really Vicki or is it "Victoria"? I am looking forward to the "Secret Santa" swap this year. Are you?
  6. Hi Vicki! Just saw your "About You" post on the mini 2013 Secret Santa and I just wanted to say hi to another Vicki that spells her name "right". LOL.
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