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  1. i am just checkin did you ever send that batting? I know you are busy with the new baby it is no big deal just cheking to make sure. Tks
  2. I just saw this I know it is way to late but tks I would have taken more it has been hell week. Kids out of school, one a small special day from preschool at Kamehemeha, my other grandson his bday on Thurs. and the other audtitions and clinic for Cheer 808 have not been getting home until 10 at nite I am exhausted have not even had time to quilt (not happy about that). I am glad at whatever you send. Again, much much Mahalo
  3. Aloha Sandy,

    I got the bolt! Do you want more than just for the queen you're finishing? It ended up being $7 for 90" wide per yard plus whatever the postage will be. Let me know and I'll cut it tonight and mail it Wednesday morning.

  4. Hi Sandy,

    They have to bring a bolt in from another store, it should be here today or tomorrow. Let me know if that's will still be in time for you, Priority will take about 3 days from Burbank at most.
  5. Ruby did you get my last message? I know you are busy but I am just checking. Tks
  6. Sandy, I got a 50% off coupon emailed this morning and Kat got a 40% emailed to her as well. I'm going to get batting this afternoon. If you want I can cut off yardage from my bolt and send it to you. PM me your address and the amount you need, you can send me a check after I get the postage amount.

    Huggers, Ruby
  7. They don't have one on the site this week, I got mine through the mailing list. Make sure you sign up on their web site so that you start getting them. I'm going to buy the paper on Sunday to see if there is one in there and also if there is one from Michael's and from Hancock Fabric. Joann's honors competitors coupon.
  8. I went onto Joann's Fabric looking for the 50% off coupon I can't find it anywhere to print it out can you help, tks
  9. I have a question if it is ok. I have my quilt top which is 90 wide and my backing fabric which is also 90 wide but I want to add a border or maybe two borders but I cant figure out how many inches I should take off the sides of my quilt top in order for my backing to fit. I would like to do a 1.5" border so do I cut 1.5 on each side of the quilt top?
  10. Congratulations on the new grandbaby, I just found out last week the my son who lives in Santa Barbara they are expecting, I am excited. We will also be going to the mainland in July thks so much for your offer very kind of you and glad that you gave me the Wiidea of buying quilt stuff while I am there my daughter is going to kill me lol, guess I have to take an extra suitcase or two. lol Will those coupons still be good by the time you get there?
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