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  1. Hi Brook,
    The cup hooks are a great idea! That way the clamps will stay put! If you get a system together please post so I can see wait you came up with!

  2. I replied to your suggestion about making a wall board ant I don't know if you received it so I decided to repost it.
    "Both of those are great ideas. For you 1st thought, I wonder if it would work to have a leader board and screwed those little hooks into it (like a wall mug rack) then take some large clips found in an office store and hang them on the hooks when I want to baste it. This is a combination of your suggestion and Sandy's suggestion. Anyway your idea sounds very doable. Thank you : ) "
  3. Really appreciate your positive comments, Brook. I'm back in London and once the jet lag is over I'll need to get busy again making quilts. Hope you had fun over the holidays. Was Santa good to you? I got a kindle and am loving it.
  4. Hi Brook,

    Sorry it took so long to respond. I've been unable to use my laptop for about a month. I used a stencil for that border and marked it on the quilt with a washable quilting pen. I was able to use my walking foot with that design so it was super easy. Glad you like the quilt. Thanks.
  5. Rebecca, I was just looking at your quilts in your album and just wanted to let you know that those are so beautiful! I love that each one is so different from te other and their all great. : )
    Coleen : )
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