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  1. Hi Suzie, I got my Block!!!!! Yay!!! I'm super excited! Thanks for everything. Just a quick question, how much did the postage cost? Take care, Magx.
  2. hI SUZI, I cannot accept to participate of wild block swap, I would love to , but my pocket got holes, too expensive, it cost me apprx Au$150/ US$146 . May be the next swap I will be able to afford it. Love Magx
  3. hi maggie - did you see the message i sent? need your mailing address again please

    final number of players (so blocks to make) for the WILD swap is 27 - please post a picture of your block when you get a chance on the groups homepage - we love to see what everyone is working on YAY!
  4. hi no fan blocks yet - did you get a tracking receipt / delivery confirmation??
  5. Hi there, any news of my blocks yet???
  6. watching for the mail delivery today! i am thinking your fans should be close whooohoooooooo
  8. Great to hear!!!! Thx for holding on for me. Im super excited as well, my very first swap
  9. Hey lady - got the paypal transfer - no problem looking forward to getting your fans and I think we are ready to SWAP! Yippppeeee!
  10. Hi There, I have send the block today, and the money by paypal. thanks and hopefully will get to you in 7 to 10 working days. love Magx
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