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  1. Thanks for the update Sarah! Thank you for putting them together!
  2. Yes Megan, I am.
    I have nearly all of the blocks done for Sarah's quilt, then will start on Laura's. I was going to send them both at the same time to Ruby, but I may send Sarah's so she can get started quilting on it. I had some medical problems here with my parents as well as some work interruptions. I only received about 6 blocks for each of the girls and Ruby will make 2 each. That left a lot more than I had anticipated to make. I have sent Jan a message to let her know they are still in progress, and why they are later than I wanted.
  3. Are you putting together quilts for Emily's sisters or do you know who is? Just wondering how they were coming along.
  4. Thanks Megan for letting me know that the blocks for the girls arrived! You are a sweetie for putting these together!
  5. Your blocks and notes arrived today safely for Em and Heaven!
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