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  1. Thanks for the info Angie! Either way your work is fantastic! I am following you on Craftsy, can't wait to see your next project! I am still quilting on my standard Brother with it's 7" throat space but would love to move up one of these days to a Sweet 16 or mid arm. Am loving the Craftsy classes but have not had time yet to watch all the classes I signed up for. So much to learn and so little time!
  2. Oh, me again! The blue/grey feathered wall hanging is not fmq - it's completely 'quilted' using an embroidery machine and digital files. Thanks for the comments though!
  3. Thanks for the sweet picture comment (Thanksgiving quilt)! I don't actually have a long arm...it's just a regular 9" straight stitch machine on a wooden frame! (But it does the job and was way cheaper!)
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