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  1. Thanks for the info!
  2. I'm tall, 6'2", and the Camry is easier for me to get in and out of. For some reason it seemed to me to sit higher than the Accord or other cars. Makes me wonder how the heck I ever crawled in and out of my mustang, way back when. That car was like sitting on the ground. Of course I was younger then.

    If you want to shop around and look at features and compare the cars without being bothered by sales people go to www.carmax.com It is so nice being able to look at cars (all over the country if you want) without some guy bugging you. I've actually bought 2 trucks from them and never had a better car buying experience. I knew what I wanted. They give you the price up front and you pay. No trying for the best deal. Never had any problem with a vehicle I bought from them either. Sure beats buying a used car off the street.
  3. Hi Karen, Thanks for the input about the cars. We have an Accord and a CRV right now and our son has a hand me down Camry (a 1997 on it's last leg) from my brother. They are all good cars....it's just hard to decide between some of the other details or features. We are trying to decide right now and just doing some research on reviews of what people like or don't like about these two cars. We have been looking at and thinking about cars all day...........I think my brain is just about full and needs a break! Thanks again! Pam
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