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  1. Carolyn, Thanks for the sweet compliment on my hexi quilt. I don't get many quilts made in a year, but I enjoy the process and am very particular. Happy quilting!
  2. Thanks for the compliment on my sailboat quilt. It was my son's idea to sew the bottom of the boats into the seam so they looked like they were actually in the water. I wouldn't have thought about that. I guess two heads are better than one. lol
  3. Carolyn, thank you for the sweet compliment. Oh goodness, I just noticed the message below from you. I didn't revisit you visitor page, so I guess you never got an answer. Better late than never I guess. LOL I believe you were wondering if the Dresden Flower Garden quilt was hand quilted and the answer is no. I have 4 in my album that are hand quilted...the star quilt, the two Hugs & Kisses baby quilts, and the one for my son, Jesse. All others are machine quilted. Because of arthritis in my hands, I'm not able to do that much hand sewing, so I'm learning how to machine quilt. Thanks again for your kind words. Hugs.
  4. OMG, Carolyn, if you only knew... I don't know how much you would learn from me. lol I just watch videos and plug along at a slow rate and am anal about details. The Dresden Flower Garden quilt was only my 12th quilting project (only 2 of them were twin size, the others...4 of them were baby quilts, 3 throws, a wall hanging, a sewing machine cover, and a Christmas tree skirt with matching table runner and coasters), so I'm not that experienced. But I really appreciate your kind words. They were very uplifting.
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