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  1. Hey Karen, thank so much for your advice about making a bag with the memory quilt.
    I love that tip, made one and it is great!!!!

    Thanks my friend
  2. Thanks for posting the link of the Wonky star, I just posted pictures in the group Brabons quilt.
    I loved making those blocks and the fabric was perfect for it!!!

    Have a great mothersday!!!
  3. Oh, no need to explain. I just noticed the number had gone down. It's changed since you left as well.

    I ordered my fabrics online. A lot of the places I looked didn't have the dotted fabrics either. I never thought of cottons as being seasonal, since most people don't make clothes with them.

    Hopefully next swap will be something that is easier for people to find.
  4. Hi

    I dropped out of the swap........in Holland the polka dot is summer fabric....can you believe it? The black I found, the white would be in the shop around springtime. And since Holland is a small country it is winter in the whole country, we don't have a part that is always summer in almost whole Europe, so it's too bad but I had to pass.
    Tone on tone was nowhere to be found, so I'm very very sorry to be a drop out, I was looking forward to my first swap.

    I saw your post in the group, so I thought I explain it to you how hard it was to get the fabric.

    Next time I hope to join!!

    Have fun with the blocks!!

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