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  1. I'm not quite sure when his interest was peeked. We both have a variety of hobbies and interests. When I would retreat to my sewing room, he would go work on his model trains. When he got bored (in winter) he would work on repairing the trampoline and sails on our catamaran. He has his own heavy duty sewing machines for that. This winter he even made covers - his own designs. He is very meticulous, precise and mathematical. I think this is why I was not surprised when he decided to buy a new Pfaff to start quilting. Unfortunately he could not get in the same beginner quilting class this spring, so I showed him what I learned. He took notes and again, very precise. Now he has even bought EQ7 to design his 1st quilt. Last week he surprised me when he said he wanted and bought an embroidery machine. I think he has caught the fever as much as me.
  2. Hi
    I just wanted to say welcome to the forum.I see when you decided to start you dove in head first 110x110 wow.How did you get your dh to take up quilting also?
    Take Care
    stationarymom (Joan)
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