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  1. Thanks for your prompt reply. Now I remember it was not a chapel, but a visitor's center called Behalt. They even spoke a funny, old German there. I also love that area very much, as it reminds me of Luxembourg with all the woods, lakes and hills. We were there some time in automn and it was fantastic.
  2. Michele, Yes, Berlin is the largest Amish community in the United States in Holmes County, Ohio...we have been visiting there several times a year for about 20 years now...it is my favoirite place in the world to visit...there are between 5-10 really, really neat quilt shops in the area...it is the perfect place for fabriholics....
    I have never seen or heard of a chapel on a hilltop...I will ask about it though...Blessings, Carol
  3. Congratulations for your 49th anniversary. You really hit the jackpot there. I have a question, you said you drove to Berlin. Is that the Berlin where the Amish people live? I've been to that Berlin some years ago and I liked it a lot. Remember some sort of chapel on top of a hill. In those days I didn't quilt, so I might not have seen the fabric store.
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