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  1. Thanks for that information. Hopefully I can find some time to try that one out. It is definitely added to my to-do list though. Have a blessed weekend ahead!
  2. Hi Mandymae! Thanks for the comments on my Chelsea Tote/Backpack bag (http://forum.missouriquiltco.com/alb...chmentid=19708). I did not have the pattern but watched a video Joan Hawley did demonstrating how she makes the bag. I wanted to make it larger and taller so made some adjustments on mine. The official pattern is called Chelsea and is 14" tall with a 8" square bottom. You can find Joan's instructional video here:


    And a good place to buy the pattern is here:


    I own several of Joan Hawley's purse patterns and she really gives good instructions with photos. I rarely follow patterns exactly though, and tend to make changes along the way Lol! The Chelsea really is an unusual pattern and a fun one to make. I may make another in a more standard size the next time. Have fun!
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