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  1. Thank you for all the lovely comments on my Dresden Flower Garden quilt. As I mentioned to someone else...The stitching is not perfect by a long-shot, but I am pleased with the overall effect of the quilting. Thanks again for you kind words. Hugs.
  2. Carol_Ann I actually think my stitches are too small. After looking at other people's hand quilting, I think a little bigger stitch looks better. What's really important is consistency in whatever length stitch you use.
  3. Awesome idea. I do have one baby quilt (the one with the green border and hearts) that I have stored away. You have quite a gift stash...your recipients are very lucky. I just sent you a PM that may have been written at the same time you were writing the visitor message. You've answered my question here.
  4. Your kind words made me smile. Thank you! I do have a closet just for gifts. I store many things I make & when a gift is necessary, I run to my closet.
  5. OMG! Carol Ann...what in the world do you do with all the things you make? Your albums are chock full of beautiful quilts and projects. What a talented and very busy lady you are!
  6. Regarding my great grandmother's quilt...I can't imagine hand-stitching all those pieces together either. My great-grandmother must have had the patience of a saint!
  7. Carol, it's funny that you should send me a message. I was just looking at your quilts and thinking how cute the sailboat quilt turned out. I got a boat pattern off of the internet and thought about making it in the future. I like your boat better, though. All your projects are so cheerful...I love them!

    Thanks for the kind comments on my quilts. I'm still an amateur, but am learning all the time.
  8. Hello, Bec ! I was just viewing your work and I think you are so very talented. Your quilts, etc. are wonderful. How fortunate and special that you got grandma's quilt. So pleased you joined our group.
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