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  1. I see some resemblance between our photos! I don't have my hair highlighted now, so my hair is darker, but we have the same shaped face and brown eyes. LOL!
  2. yes - i think she just might be!! go on facebook and look up my friends and you will find her picture - Candice Petit
  3. Suzi, I have relatives in Florida, but I don't know of any named Candy. They say everyone has a twin somewhere in the world, maybe this person is mine.
  4. hi Myrna - did i already ask you this? Do you have a relative name Candy? She is a friend of mine from church - lives here in Deland, FL - you could be sisters! even twins!!
  5. New swap is posted! REVERSED Jacobs Ladder ...Neutral tone on tone ladders with bright happy flowered backgrounds. capped at 25 players - would you like to play? join the group by clicking the groups tab above and the join button easy peasy and no quilt police in our swaps! everyone is welcome
  6. okay post us a picture when you are done with them BIG HUGS!
  7. Thanks for the generous offer Suzi. I really appreciate it, but I'm going to pass. My son was home last weekend and he liked the block so I've decided to make a purple quilt for him. I've finished three blocks and laid them out on the bed. I think the colors and design will look pretty good for a "guy" quilt.
  8. I have idea - if YOU want and no pressure!! It is fun to get to know each other in the swaps and feel uplifted by the ladies.... so join the polka dot party swap - make up as many blocks as you feel like making between now and then (feb 25) in your beautiful purples. we are probly going to be at 30. I will make up the difference for you........ Just a friend reaching out. HUGS! Suzi
  9. ok good - and I wil pray for God's grace in helping you thru the sorrow of your sisters passing. It is a very difficult time for sure. HUGS!!! Suzi
  10. You didn't upset me. I'm still new to quilting and I don't have all the tools right now that may be needed to do this project correctly. I don't do anything halfway and I'd rather not participate than worry about whether the blocks will be acceptable. My sister just passed away and I was hoping for something that would help occupy my mind but I'm finding that this project isn't what I need right now.
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