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  1. Hi Peg! Yes, I traded my 7700 for the 8900. I loved all the features of my 7700, large throat, Accufeed foot. It was one of the first models of 7700 and did heavy duty for me. But I started having issues with it in the bobbin/ tension area last summer, and then the motherboard went out. My dealer had some demo 8900 machines on sale and gave me a very generous trade in on my 7700, so I went for it. I like the new features if the 8900, pop off needle plate, new design accufeed foot, but basically it is the same. I guess the 8200 is practically the same for less money, but it is slower and there are a few features that are missing from what the 8900 offers. They wouldn't be deal breakers for me, but I didn't even look at that machine. What kind of prices is your dealer offering? Mine offered it for $2999 and he gave me $1400 as a trade. For a broken machine, I was thrilled! This is the 10th machine I've bought from him in the last 22 years.

  2. Did you just recently purchase a Janome 8900? I am debating buying one.
    Thanks Peggy
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