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  1. RE: Written instructions, there are instructions for x's & o's, but it is found through Jenny's Craftsy Classes, called Quilting Quickly. She has 2 classes there. the first one is Quilting Quickly and the 2nd is QQ2.
    The x's & o's pattern is in the QQ2 class. She also gives the instructions (written included) for Rag Quilt, Tumbler Quilt, Apple Core Q, Circles Q, Drunkard's Path, Advanced Strip, and Dresden.
    I really like the pattern your looking for. But I think I learned the most from the 1st class.

    Now as far as other written instructions, all I know is that occasionally M* looks for people to edit their written stuff before they send it to the publisher. That is how I ended up with instructions. : )
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