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  1. I think you'll find it works well for quilting! Good luck and have fun.
  2. thanks so much. I have a ton of embroidery thread and want to use it up.
  3. Hi Patrice, I've tried using regular thread but embroidery thread seems to work the best! When the machine is moving as quickly as it does to embroider regular thread has a tendancy to break. Leah Day uses Isacord thread. I've purchased it from her and it works well too. It seems to be the same weight as embroidery thread from what I can tell. It comes in white, cream and also black (I think.) I also like the fact that I don't run out of bobbin thread as quickly when using embroidery thread.
  4. Hi Rebecca ..when you use your embroidery designs instead of quilting do you use emb thread or quilting thread?
  5. It's so hard to know for sure. I mentioned in my post that if one is using precuts only for a 100" x100" (that gives a 20" drop on 3 sides) with no borders it would take more than 2 of each. I figured out how many square inches for the quilt 100" x100" = 10,000 sq. in. I am figuring a little over 4,000 sq. in. in a jelly roll and layer cake combined. I'm thinking it's more than 2 of each (layer cake and jellyroll). If money is a factor I would wing it and use 2 of each. If it wasn't big enough I'd buy some matching yardage and add big borders.
  6. love your Jacobs ladder. I bought two layer cakes and one jelly roll. Think that would be enough for a queen size?
  7. yes I did. I sent you an email back. I really like it. Thinking I may do that for my son
  8. Patrice,

    We sent the pattern to your e-mail. Let me know when you get it. I always worry about whether the things I send people actually get to them.

  9. Geez Louise!!! I finally found that pattern. It was near the very back of one of my "Ideas" folders. I'm so glad I didn't lose it. It looks like I must've photocopied it out of a book. If you send me your e-mail address I'll have Joe scan it and will send it to you. It's called "Northern Nites" by Peggy J. Hinchey. It makes a 60 x 76" quilt. If you prefer to send your e-mail address to mine, my address is rebecca.m.kovach@gmail.com
  10. Hi Patrice, I left you a message under my picture of that wedding quilt you commented on. I'll see if I can find the pattern for you. It's in my projects folder I think. I usually buy designs from Embroidery Library. com and sometimes from Embroidery Designs. com. I found some really pretty ones suited for quilting at the following site - http://www.redleafsales.com/machine_...lt_motifs.html I think I purchased every package on their site. I thought the price was good for what I got. If I see other sites when I'm looking around I'll let you know. Maybe you'll do the same for me. Happy Thanksgiving, Patrice. Joe and I are going to have to watch a Christmas movie or something. Maybe have a nice dinner. Being here in London it's just another day for the Brits. I'm sure all my friends back home will be enjoying lots of feasting and family visits.
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